Who We Are

"Nurturing Talent Through Sports"

Midcity Sports Trust was established in 2019 to incorporate sport as a vehicle to help bring about positive change and social cohesion in a country desperately in need.

The Trust was formed with its Vision and Mandate to provide sporting infrastructure, kit and equipment and programmes aimed at developing the young people of Kenya and across the border. This positive influence will help to provide hope, inspiration, opportunities and platforms for them to advance their sporting ambitions and dreams.

Facts about Save Poor charity

A lot of work goes down at the grass root level in villages in the remotest corners as well as the most populous metros across India, with schools and government bodies. We need your contributions to keep coming in.

We Are Guided

Midcity Sports Trust Objective

Midcity Sports Trust objective is to carry out the charitable initiatives for the benefit of the communities in Kenya and across the boundary

Mission and Vision Statements

Our mission is to be the leading and trusted sports trust in Kenya and across the globe as we use sport to improve children's wellbeing and give them a brighter future by nurturing their talents and empowering them.

Our Core Values

We value Talents, Sportmanship, Integrity, Passion, Transparency andTrust

To help the talented to raise their head and face the future with pride

Do all other things as may be deemed conducive and incidental to the overall attainment of the above and other related objectives.

The man of the poor.

Mission of “garbage people”

The Trustees

Janet Chamia


Victor Shitakha


Josphat Matheka